Monday, June 30, 2008

Color Me Happy PTU kit

The kit has now been named, no more suggestions will be taken for this kit, thank you all for a wonderful challenge!!! This kit is now named: COLOR ME HAPPY!!! Purchase info is below, the taggers kit is $2.00 and the full size kit is $4.00. Full size purchase info is on the right of the blog. This kit has 10 papers and 105 elements. Look for a free add on soon!



Sweet said...

my choice for name of kit is buttefly Love

Sweet said...

my choice for name of kit is butterfly Love

Rachel said...

I love "Spring Laughter" as the name for this kit.Its full of bright spring colors and its just adorable.

sharonakamomma said...

i say name it *Happiness Is.....*

Anonymous said...

for name of Kit is " Lovely Violet"

Netzkatze said...

I again->my choice for name of kit is "my garden of daydreams"

Netzkatze said...

I again->my choice for name of kit is "my garden of daydreams"

Cre8ive Creations said...

I pick "Colors of Happiness"
Gorgeous kit by the way.

Sandra said...

I would name it: Colors from my heart.
The preview shows it will be a great kit.

Kez said...

'Color Me Happy' or 'That Sparkley Smile' or 'Smiles and Sparkles'

ps the kit looks great!

Ellie said...

How about "Bright Smiles"

Ellie said...

Oops forgot to leave my email address:
My name for the kit was "Bright Smiles"

WestbayGraphics said...

Makes me think of faries.. happiness and giggles..
"Fairy Tickles; Fairy Giggles"
or just
"Fairy T
"Fairy Giggles"
I was thinking summer or other seasons and they did not fit. Really does make me think of nature with all the flowers, butterflies and such.. and with a nature being that colorful, it really does make me think of a fairy land.

Anonymous said...

I think you should call the kit Citrus-licious as the colours are very citrusy?!!(is that a word) and the kit is delicious.

Marxie said...

This is such a gorgeous kit! The name that jumps out at me is 'Sherbet Delight'. Reminds me of the colors in Rainbow Sherbet. ~hugs~

Lindsay said...

Butterfly Summer :)

Stareyes said...

My choice for the name of Kit is "Neon Bliss"

Shayna said...

I love the kit....the colors are so beautiful :)

My suggestions are:
Sorbet Smiles
Butterflies Are Free
Living Life Fully
Yummy Sorbet
Flower Power
Color Me Happy
Amazing Summer
Free To Be Me
Rainbow Delight
The Colors Of Life

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful! And sweet, so
Sweet as a Candy.

Pam said...

Love this kit.

The names that come to mind are:

Summer's Gems
Sweet Summer Surprises
Colors of Happiness

pamsothermail at gmail dot com

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

I think its only appropriate since its Anns color combo that her name to be used in it!! LOL

Sweet Ann's Smile
Ann's Dream Garden

pinkarcher said...

What a wonderful kit! What comes to mind is "Jellybean dreams".

Yvonne said...

It is so beautiful!
my choice for name of kit is *You now what love is*

Hugs Yvonne

Amber said...

Hello, the kit has beautiful colors, so the first thing that came to mind was "Delightful". Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Flower Bug. :D
The little lady bug is so cute!


HarleyAngel said...

It looks to me like the meadows in the mountains with all the flowers in bloom. The green grass blowing in the breeze and the sweet aroma of those flowers floating along wanting you to lay down in the grass and stay a while. The butterflies and dragon flies flitting around. So my suggestion is Sweet Mountain Meadow.

Adventures Of AB said...

Hi Lynn
Great Kit Sweety as always !
I Like:
Fairy Occasion

Jazzy Peggy said...

My idea of a name is Colors of Joy. email

Lucy said...

Love the kit its so refreshing, not so sure on a name.

- summer delight
- midnight pixies dream

good luck with your choice!

WillowRaven said...

Pretty kit! For a name, I'd pick: Colors of Life .

Email addy:

Anonymous said...

i like "Living A Bright Life"

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun well i hope im not to late as soon as i seen the scrap-kit i though wow its so "Bright and Bubbly" lol so there you go thats my name hugs Gaylene xxxx

Anonymous said...

Very cute kit. Luv the colors. I am not good at naming anything but will give it a try. Some of my choices are already taken so lets try these:

Love Brights
Colors of Love
Happy Colors
Colorful Dance
Dancing Colors

Umm...Goodness wish I had good imagination. There are some great names posted by everyone. Sure it will be a tough choice.

Hugs, Kansas

Anonymous said...

how's about "Flamingo Paradise"? The colors are so islandy!

Anonymous said...

"Smiles from the Heart" or simply "Heart Smiles"


Anonymous said...

My Choice Summer Beauty.

Sharon said...

My e-mail is

My suggestions:
Color Me Purple
Fairy Fun
Fairy Party
Live,Love, Laugh

Sharon said...

My e-mail is

My suggestions:
Color Me Purple
Fairy Fun
Fairy Party
Live,Love, Laugh

Sharon said...

Fairy Fun
A Fairy's Summer
Pretty Summer
Summer Fun
Live, Love, Laugh
A Fairy's Laugh
Fairy Laughter
Fairy Love
lil Miss Fairy
lil Miss Fairy's Summer
Pretty in Purple
Color Me Pretty
Color Me Bright

My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

I've studied you kit and like the names:

Summer Follies / Spring Follies
Summer Frolic / Spring Frolic
Summer Sensations / Spring Sensations
Happiness of Colors (I know others have mentioned Colors of Happiness which is another great title)

My email is

Laurie said...

The colors for some reason make me think of fruit punch. Hawian punch has so many different kinds these days, its just... *shrug* something that came to mind before all else... so I was thinking something like

"punch drunk"

Or if that was a little too... alcoholic, how about...

"fruity punch"