Friday, July 25, 2008

Punk Princess PTU Kit

well now I hope you like hot pink and black because I've got the third kit in the princess series! PUNK PRINCESS!! A little bit grunge, a little bit emo and a lot of attitude! there are 12 papers, 2 of them are split laced, and 53 elements, not all are shown in the preview. Kit is in tagger size and full size. Tagger size is $2.00 and full size is $4.00. How to purcahse full size kits is listed on the right of the blog.

Please leave a valid email address and allow up to 24 hours for processing of your kit.



Rachelz_Expressionz said...

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Aleah'sMommy said...

I so need to find a job lol! I love all of your kits & I would go broke in here if I did have a job. I do also want to say I love your freebies & thank you so very much for them. I really hope you do some sort of freebie with this kit =)

Anonymous said...

I am a little slow I I googles punk princess cakes and got your site. Though I absolutly love this theme, I'm a little comfused as to what it's for. My BFF is 6mths prego and I'm hosting the shower. Her theme is punk princess, pink skull and crossbones...u get the idea. I've been on here all night looking for stuff to buy and do for the shower. If you have any ideas please please tell me. And explain your kits for me, I'm def interested in your stuff for this theme. Thanks so much for your time and Post punk princess shower so I don't just delete it please. Thanks again.

Arkansas, USA