Monday, March 16, 2009

NEW Peachy Keen Kit

I'm back!! WHEW! What a time it has been! I've been offline due to my computer dying a slow painful death and waiting on my new one to get here! It got here finally, and silly me, figured all I had to do was hook it up, transfer everything back off my external that I needed to use, hook my cable modem back up and I would be ready to roll....WRONG! Boy was I ever wrong, lol Between several calls to my internet tech support due to no connection, a brand new modem which STILL didn't bring my connection in, then finally getting someone at Dell to take a look at things, we found out that there was a program called Dell remote access that was blocking my connection...removed it and voila! Connection!!! YEA!! In the meantime, between figuring things out, learning Vista, and being excited over how much better this is, I managed to get this kit done! In tagger and full size, purchase tagger size below for $3.00 and full size purcahse info to the right. Kit has 15 papers and 80 elements.

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