Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Order Procedure!

Hi everyone

Sometime ago I put a notice here that all blog orders were changing, and that to order anything off my blog, to please send me an email to letting me know you were looking to purchase a kit. But due to having my blog redone, some posts have vanished, and apparently that was one of them. I had this in place because the paypal associated with past posts is no longer valid, and I have a new one, just have not been able to change all the paypal emails yet. Also, everything on my blog can be found in any of my stores listed down on the left, in both tagger and full sizes, and many of them can be found in retirement sections for as little as one dollar. Please, if you find something here you wish to order, send me an email to with kit order in the subject line, and then the kit name and I'll give you a valid, verified account to send payment to. Thank you!

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