Monday, May 26, 2008

OOHH Talk about DRAMA!

GRRR my new kit couldn't be more appropriate right now. I come to the blog to make sure my buttons are working for paypal and see all sorts of new comments...some idiot posting random comments and his posts are linked to a LOTTO SITE!!! SPAMMERS LEAVE! Sheesh...only an idiot could post random crap saying "informative post" or "whoever owns this blog needs to make more topics like this" Like the moron actually read anything...NOOOOO he spammed my blog with a post to his stupid lotto site under a dozen different names!!! Well HELLO!! You are deleted Mister Spammer, Berto, John, Wally or whatever yer name is!! Since you left half a dozen different names!!! You are the weakest link, GOOD-BYE lol


Scrappy Smile said...

Hi! Sorry to hear about that idiot! Hope he leaves for good, people who are being such idiots shouldn't be here! I want to say that your work is stunning, thank you so much for your lovely freebies!!! :-D Hope you don't experience more of that idiot! Hugs from Scrappy Smile, Norway. :-)

Fi said...

Takes the p*ss Lynne, some people have nothing better to do with their time than spam other people
:D gorgeous kit hun

Meagen said...

LOL! Good one, girl!
~ Robin