Saturday, November 14, 2009

Way off topic, your thoughts??

Ok, this morning I had the pleasure of seeing a Christmas commercial that absolutely touched my heart and I had to watch it a couple of times just for the heck of it, well after watching it, I was reading some comments on you tube about it. The commercial in question is here: Wal mart Christmas Commercial , I loved it, but as I was saying the comments really threw me off. Let me tell you what I saw in the commercial, I saw a family missing their loved one who is of fighting in the war, and the child being totally unslefish, only wished for one thing and that was a gift for his dad who is over there, the soldiers were all getting snow for Christmas. I saw that as touching, and felt the commercial was in good taste, and didn't find it at all as advertising or trying to get people to shop at Wal Mart, other than seeing that Wal Mart made the ad and said thank you, that was it. So the comments left by people were downright nasty! Not fit to print here for you to see at all! So if you all watch the commercial over on youtube, then please leave me your comments about here, as I'm interested to know how you see it. Is it offensive or is it heartwarming? To me it is heartwarming and a reminder to all of us that during the holidays we need to keep each and every one of our service men and women in our thoughts because they won't be home for Christmas, they'll be there and we'll all be missing them. Don't even get me started about the word Christmas either, to me and my familt it will ALWAYS be Christmas, and I'll say Merry Christmas and have a Christmas tree, and Christmas Cards, no matter who it offends that I say it! The world is too politically correct these days, and when I was a kid we never had these issues! Ok, off my soap box and off to go address my Christmas cards, lol leave your thoughts, I'm all ears, lol.


Michele said...

Amen sista! lol I saw that commercial not too long ago and thought it was totally sweet. Now I haven't read the comments about it on YouTube or anywhere, but a commericial is a commericial. If they are getting you to buy or not they are going to do what they feel will put their name out there and hopefully bring you into the store. That's the POINT of a commercial. Isn't that what Hallmark does? Pulls on your heart strings? I always cry at hallmark commercials around all the holidays (Christmas, mothers day, etc...yes I am a sap! lol) But no one is outraged by hallmark commercials. It's probably ONLY because it is Walmart and not Macy's! lol Hope I don't get hate mail over my post! hehehe Just my opinion!

Heartfelt Perfections, Creations By Leigh said...

I thought the commercial was so sweet, that one lil wish as snow made soildiers so happy...I did not find the commercial in anyway offensive..

Loricat said...
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Loricat said...

It was very heartfelt.The commercial works as long as it gets us to remember and keep our troops and there families in our thoughts.Just for the record the commercial makes me want to go out and shop at WalMart.Thank you for bringing the CHRISTMAS issue up. I always say MERRY CHRISTMAS during CHRISTMAS time.
Isn't that what Dec. 25 is.
Have a wonderful Thanks Giving and a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Starfire said...

When subjects like this come up it's real hard not to climb on one's soap box! And even harder to not point out the things that have gone wrong with this world. lol

I found the commerical very touching and an excellent way to remind everyone we have people in the service far away from their families - fighting so we may be free to celebrate as we wish.

Merry Christmas Sweetie! :)

Emma said...

What a great commercial. I too believe that if you have true Christmas spirit you can get everything your heart desires. Not materialistic things but things that reflect the meaning of Christmas.

Melissa said...

I hadn't seen this commercial before now. I'm telling you with tears in my eyes, I loved it. I didn't get anything out of it other than one kid wished for something for his dad and wal mart thanking our troops. I think the people leaving nasty comments on you tube are idiots with nothing better to do than that.

SherryD said...

I'm with you 100% Lynne. The commercial is touching and, I think, in good taste. Not only does it remind us to think of our military who safeguard our freedom; it also reminds us that the heart of Christmas is Love! God's love for us in the gift of Jesus Christ, and our love for one another demonstrated by the little girl.

Sam Walden was a businessman, that's for sure, and a smart one. However, one thing he and his wife agreed upon in their endeavors was the fair treatment of their employees. When you consider this, I think we should err on the positive side and believe that this commercial was more about remembering the spirit of Christmas and acknowledging our debt to our armed forces and less a plea to shop Walmart.

While I try to be sensitive and not offend others whose faith differs from mine, our constitution gives me the right to unashamedly acknowledge my faith as a Christian (an Episcopalian to be more precise). I don't shove my religious viewpoint down anyone's throat, and I expect the same kind of respect as simple human courtesy.

That said, I joyfully wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas! And for those non-Christians I wish you a Peaceful New Year.